COVID-19 Protection Policy - Oasis Apartments | Tolo Argolis

COVID-19 Protection Policy

The pension’s management in the context of corporate and social responsibility issues this policy, which applies to all its activities, in order to maintain the good health of all its guests during their stay and until returning back home and also keep the staff’s safety feeling highly.
The company and its personnel are committed to provide services and products that comply with customer, company and legal requirements.
To achieve all these, the pension’s Management meets all law requirements and hygiene rules:


    •  Applies all appropriate measures in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in every facility.
    • Operates consistently
    • Educates itself and its staff to the current requirements and information about COVID-19
    • Sets strict health and work safety measures
    • Uses prevention in order to minimize risk
    • Takes care at all times to document its facilities safety
    • Receives the required certification called «HEALTH FIRST»
    • Properly manages and ensures sufficient resources
    • Provides all interested parties with the most up-to-date information on both the measures and good practices followed, and on what is intended to be practiced by them.



This current Policy is being reviewed and gets revised whenever necessary.
June 2020,